Three (5.3)

Big Finish Special Release

When I see that a story involves Servalan, I always cringe mentally at what to expect as she is quite the ruthless character. It is an interview story, where a journalist comes to talk to Servalan about her past. And she certainly shares a lot, making her seem more human and giving her power-hungry motivation reasons grounded in her history. But then… This story went beyond making me want to scrub my brain and actually made me completely nauseated/horrified. It’s very intense and the true cunning and depravity of Servalan is revealed here in all its “glory”. Not sure I’ll be able to listen to this one again anytime soon but this is definitely an amazing story. Now I’m going to really go scrub my memory of this story. Oh my!

Jacqueline Pearce and Joseph Kioska

Writer: James Goss

Director: Ken Bentley or Lisa Bowerman

Release: August 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019