The World Beyond the Trees (7.1)

Big Finish - 8th Doctor Short Trips

This story has Liv telling a story to her father. She and Molly are in London and Liv gets a message from the Doctor that doesn’t make sense, until she meets an alien, Lila, in the streets while all of the humans are under a listnessness field. She is trying to escape something and Liv Chenka ends up helping her. Lila’s from Augustin’s Mercy, a world at war. The Mileur are chasing her and the Damascus Project is her salvation.

This story is a wonderful glimpse into Liv Chenka and her motivations. I rather enjoy her interactions with the world, where she is one of the only people awake. We get to hear everything from her perspective and a story of father and daughter, their interactions that Liv can absolutely relate to. The presence of the 8th Doctor is almost pitch perfect in this story, where he shows up in a dream, giving Liv the answer to the questions she didn’t know she would have. Very nicely done overall.

Narrator: Nicola Walker

Writer: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: January 2017

Laura Vilensky 2019