Destiny of the Doctor: Enemy Aliens

Big Finish - Special Release

This is a classic 8th Doctor story with Charley through and through. I hadn’t realized how much I missed these stories until Mr. Barnes brought us this tale of spies and intrigue, a bit reminiscent of Invaders from Mars but without the silly bits. But taking them out and placing them all in a different location with different characters doesn’t hurt this story at all! It’s really a fun romp through and through, with Charley and the Doctor getting to the same place using different methods.

The role of the 11th Doctor in this story is much more direct as he leaves the message in the TARDIS but there’s some etheric distortion that only allows part of the message to be heard, though the Doctor and Charley hear the whole message later in the story. So off the Doctor and Charley go to track down the distortion. There is William Tell, a murder, police chase (of the Doctor and Charley, of course), Nazi sympathizers, spies, and an alien invasion. Perhaps a second listen would make this a four jelloid story but I really enjoyed the ride on this one!

Read by: India Fisher and Michael Maloney

Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: August 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019