An Ordinary Life (#1.4)

Big Finish, The Early Adventures

A story with Sara Kingdom seems to be a winner, no matter what it is. Steven, Sara, and the Doctor land in London, running from the Daleks with the terranium. The Doctor is unconscious, the TARDIS keyhole is blanked out, and Sara and Steven must find their way in an increasingly strange atmosphere, where people aren’t quite acting themselves. But with these companions around, there’s little chance of the strangeness winning. I really, really enjoyed this story! There’s running, chasing, a mystery, a missing Doctor, and a strange alien creature that just wants to live, at the cost of what? Excellent, excellent story!

Peter Purves (Steven Taylor/Narrator/The Doctor),Jean Marsh(Sara Kingdom),Ram John Holder(Joseph Roberts),Damian Lynch(Michael Newman),Sara Powell(Audrey Newman),Stephen Critchlow(Billy Flint)

Writer: Matt Fitton

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: December 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019