4th Doctor

Here are the Tom Baker audios I own for your perusal, listed in release order. I will include the 4th Doctor adventures as I get to them.

Tom Baker (1934-present)-- the fourth Doctor from 1974-1981 --http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_Doctor

BBC Audio

This is the only one I own

Genesis of the Daleks/Exploration Earth

Big Finish Audios

The Warren Legacy (short trip)

The Well-Mannered War

The Fourth Doctor by Gareth Roberts

Season 7 - Fourth Doctor Adventures

7.1 -Sons of Kaldor

7.2 -The Crowmarsh Experiment

7.3 -The Mind Runners

7.4 -The Demon Rises

7.5 -The Shadow of London

7.6 -The Bad Penny

7.7 -Kill the Doctor

7.8 -The Age of Sutekh

Laura Vilensky 2019