Vampire of the Mind (#212)

Big Finish Main Range

The 6th Doctor is on his own here, with a pseudocompanion in Dr Heather Threadstone, a research scientist with a mind of her own. Sadly, she’s the best thing about this story as it just has the 6th Doctor almost completely clueless other than with the “big picture” and the effects of the Mind Parasite the Master has captured. Even then it seems he thinks that the creature won’t betray him but why shouldn’t it? It hates the Master more? Even if it does, it seems to me it could easily just walk out the door into freedom. It’s just some fun moments interspaced with lots of eye rolling ones. The 6th Doctor doesn’t really seem to fit here – it almost seems like more of a 5th Doctor story to be honest. But it wanders on to the end with an even more clueless Master, who just lets the Doctor roam freely after he figures out who he is. It’s just a bit strange but perhaps the Master is as damaged as the Doctor suspects from regeneration. How did he get to regenerate, though? Perhaps that will be discussed in the next story…

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Alex Macqueen(The Master),John Standing(Professor Threadstone),Kate Kennedy(Heather Threadstone),Neil Edmond(Boatman/Guard/Blank),Catriona Knox(Landlady/Blank),Elliot Levey(Gobernar/Blank). Other parts portrayed by members of the cast.

Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Jamie Anderson

Release: May 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019