1st Doctor

Here are the William Hartnell audios I own for your perusal. Companion Chronicles will be included when I get to reviewing them as well.

William Hartnell (1908-1975) -- the first Doctor from 1963-1966 -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Doctor

The Early Adventures

Three Volumes - found under the Early Adventures page

Adventures, Vol. 1

First Doctor: Volume 2

Short Trips 7.5 - Falling

Short Trips 6.5 - This Sporting Life

First Doctor: Volume 1

Short Trips 5.01 - Flywheel Revolution

Short Trips 5.09 -Etheria

The Celestial Toymaker

The Daleks' Master Plan

The Smugglers

The Tenth Planet

The Lost Stories

4.01 -The Dark Planet

Laura Vilensky 2019