Bang-Bang-a-Boom (#39)

Big Finish Main Range

This one is a good companion to The One Doctor, the other story these two writers did. Amazing how they manage to hit the right amount of cheese and yet throw in the danger and craziness of a good Doctor Who story. How do they do it? It’s just really GOOD. This would be an audio drama I would recommend to anyone just starting to listen to the audios. The following seven audios I couldn’t recommend to anyone but this one, it’s excellent!

There are corny things said, an amazing plot with enough twists and turns to keep me interested, and the songs! The intergalactic song contest. Wow. What a great concept to frame the story around! The Doctor tries out being a commander, the one making the decisions and being head of everything. I won’t ruin the story by giving away the murderer—it’s like an Agatha Christie novel. No one is as they appear. And Mel spends her time running around being suspicious of everyone! Somehow Gareth and Clayton pitched the tone of the story just right for the 7th Doctor. How did they do it? The acting is excellent, the atmosphere and music are appropriate, both background and songs in the contest.

The story gets more polished as the new song contest narrator, for lack of a better word, Lieutenant Strindberg. How to describe without ruining it all for you? There’s just no way. So I won’t try. I’ll let you get the story yourself and listen! It’s excellent and worth every penny.

Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford

Writers: Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman

Director: Nicholas Pegg

Release: December 2002

Laura Vilensky 2019