The Warehouse (#202)

Big Finish Main Range

Wow! A sentient fungus among us? That’s a new one for Dr. Who. The 7th Doctor and Mel (hurray! She’s back – created/upgraded by the TARDIS to be just the person the Doctor needs) land in a warehouse and begin wandering the halls. There they run into rather enormous rodents and glowing fungus. And traps. Then clones who are doing a count of the warehouse stock. 26 family units – one for each warehouse section, A to Z. Then the Doctor runs off to investigate the planet they’re in orbit around and Mel heads off to fix the main computer so orders can be sent to the planet again.

And of course things go pear shaped! There’s a warehouse cult on the planet, the fungus is alive, and it wants to take over the universe. AND it was helped along in its evolution by the people on the planet. This story is a romp and run amok type of tale that just brings out the fun in Mel and the Doctor. They’re a great team and this story shows that off. There are some twists and turns that made me roll my eyes a bit but ultimately, this is a fun and fantastic story.

Sylvester McCoy(The Doctor),Bonnie Langford(Melanie Bush),Phillip Franks(Supervisor/Acolyte),Dillie Keane(Lydek),Clare Buckfield(Ann/Darl),Barry McCarthy(Fred/Terminal),Anna Bentinck(Jean/Computer),Barnaby Edwards(Reef)

Writer: Mike Tucker

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: August 2015

Laura Vilensky 2019