Destiny of the Doctor: Hunters of Earth

Big Finish - Special Release

I’m not quite sure how the title applies to this story, to be honest. The people hunting for “aliens” are what, government agents or just the people on the street? The Doctor spends this story looking for parts to fix the TARDIS. Susan’s hanging out with a new boy, trying to fit in. And it turns out that everyone thinks the Doctor and Susan are aliens because of german munitions that didn’t explode? Yet it does its job years later, strangely enough. A psychic bomb.

The tone of this story really hits the first Doctor era very nicely and would’ve fit into the 60’s vibe well. But the government agents seem a bit too average to have found him. Sedrick, the boy Susan’s hanging with, turns out to have her best interests at heart but everyone else seems very much an archetype and not very interesting as characters go. The story does move along nicely but when the action really heats up I found it more boring, strangely enough. So I can’t give this a higher rating, unfortunately.

Release: January 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019