The War to End All Wars (#8.10)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

This story barely squeaked a 5 jelloid rating and it’s all on the back of Peter Purves, who really did an utterly fantastic job! And now I want to know the next chapter of this story, Simon Guerrier. Grrr. I seriously doubt we’ll get it, either. David Richardson and Simon Guerrier do the interview portion of the CD at the end and reminisce about the Companion Chronicles, about how long they’ve been going and how much they enjoyed them. And how sad it is they are going away – I’m just really beginning to appreciate them so I’m pretty sad they’re going away too!

This story is Steven recounting his time as a soldier on a planet named Comfort, where he and Dodo are separated and put into different uniforms. The twist in the story is nicely done, Mr. Guerrier, and it was very tense at times, then fun, then mysterious. And the resolution was satisfying without too much technobabble and a whole lot of “that makes sense” went on. Steven is a very smart companion and I’m so glad we got to see him in action throughout the Companion Chronicles! Quite the action star he could’ve been…

Peter Purves (Steven Taylor) and Alice Haig (Sida)

Writer: Simon Guerrier

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: April 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019