Survival of the Fittest (#131)

Big Finish Main Range

The Vrill are the most interesting aliens they have had in a story in a long time. They communicate with scent, which the TARDIS translates. It’s the best translation work-through by characters in a long, long time, as Klein and the Doctor figure out how to name things with the Vrill. Klein is fascinating as she learns to appreciate her new friends yet at the same time, she has her own judgments called into question.

The relationship develops nicely between the Doctor and Klein. It’s complicated by the time that they have already seen other places, indicated by their conversation. It’s hard to figure out what Klein’s purpose is, besides to return to her alternate universe. I can’t wait to hear the next story! This one is excellent.

Sylvester McCoy and Tracy Childs, with Paul McGann

Writer: Jonathon Clements

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: February 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019