Blue Forgotten Planet (#126)

Big Finish Main Range

Wow. As disappointing as the last two audios were, this is definitely a crazy, sad ending to Charley’s time with the Doctor. Mila has certainly undergone changes in her personality in some ways, in other ways not. She’s still “I’m Charley” but she’s learned the value of self-sacrifice and doing for others you care about. And Charley? Well, she has an ending. Of sorts. The story on the planet isn’t nearly as good as everything else on the Viyran’s ship. I did cry at the ending—Charley’s been a staple of the Big Finish, Doctor Who stories for 9 years. And the final word of the audio is the kicker. You don’t want him to say it but you know he has to…

Perhaps this should be a 5 jelloid adventure but the ending is much better than the beginning. And the short story, with the Brigadier and Polly (and Thomas Brewster) is progressing but not quickly. Can’t wait to listen to them all together! Charley’s story comes full circle and the paradox is resolved, though it’s an emotional ending. India Fisher’s diary on her last days of “life with Charley Pollard” accompanies this audio and after listening to this audio, it makes better sense. So do listen to it afterwards!

Then there are these Viyrans. Where did they come from? Who called them and set them on their path? Is their name indicative of the viruses they’re chasing down? Somehow I think the Doctor will find out more later on but will we know the final ending? Probably not but there’s an opening for future configurations of the truth!

Colin Baker and India Fisher

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: September 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019