The Reesinger Process

Big Finish Anniversary Special Release

I will freely admit that I’ve never heard the Counter-Measures series from Big Finish but what I’ve heard here is intriguing. Though they all appear to be channeling the Brigadier with their stiff upper lips and there seems to be a distinct lack of emotional response to things happening around them. Very odd but I suppose, very British. Heck, when someone dies no one cries! Strange that.

On with the storyline! It appears there have been a spate of suicides and people acting out of character recently in British civil servants and military positions, as well as a few civilians. And the pattern is starting to add up to something the Counter-Measures team takes notice of. Though the story opens with a government official killing himself with a Counter-Measures officer speaking to him, which seems odd at the time. What’s the point type of odd. So the team is investigating and their investigations lead them back to the Reesinger Institute, where there are plots and double-plots. I’m guessing it’s very appropriate, plot-wise. And most importantly, I like it!

Karen Gledhill(Allison Williams),Hugh Ross(Sir Toby Kinsella),Pamela Salem(Rachel Jenson),Simon Williams(Group Captain Gilmore),Sinead Keenan(Stephanie Wilton),Rory Keenan(James Wilton)

Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Ken Bentley and Lisa Bowerman

Release: September 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019