Velandra (10.1)

Big Finish Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles X

This story is a testament to the willpower of Roj Blake. He is remembering something that happened to him at a detention center where Travis is trying to break his mind, put memories into his mind or not. We just don’t know. And no matter what anyone else says, Blake puts his own spin on the situation to make reality HIS. It’s pretty stunning to listen to. Is he delusional or just able to overcome all obstacles? There’s just no way to know. But that’s what this whole series comes down to – is the Federation bad or good? If Servalan wasn’t around, it would be more gray but she definitely takes it into the world of black and white! This story takes you into the world inside of Blake, the man behind the myth. And what a strange world it is…

Gareth Thomas(Blake),Stephen Greif(Travis)

Writer:Steve Lyons

Director: Lisa Bowerman, Ken Bentley

Release: November 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019