School of Blood (12.3)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

J&L are both sent letters declaring that there’s a vampire at St. Cecilia’s School for Girls so they go to investigate. Then things get complicated as Litefoot takes a job as a teacher and Jago tries to figure out if Ellie is a vampire or not. The teachers are falling like flies, the headmistress is out of her league, and there is a vampire around. Or two. Or three. But there’s really only one dangerous one in this story!

The pair do seem to be a bit in the dark in this story. Their usual radar for the weird and suspicious seems to fail them and they only find a vampire girl who is being helped by her friends. And that in itself is pretty darn amazing to me. Hannah is one awesome friend! I do like this story but it’s definitely the weakest of the bunch in my mind. Though it is fun to listen to Litefoot teach a class of unruly school girls.

Christopher Benjamin(Henry Gordon Jago),Trevor Baxter(Professor George Litefoot),Lisa Bowerman(Ellie Higson),Conrad Asquith(Inspector Quick),Ronald Pickup(The Old One),Forbes Masson(Kindred),Ronan Vibert(Mr Ravener),Robbie Stevens(Melchester),David John(Sir James Royston/Pete Stepney),Nigel Whitmey(Robert W Paul/Hardwick),David John(Sir James Royston),Jacqueline King(Old Ma Hambley/Miss Broodie),Charlie Hayes(Nellie/Lucilla Fredericks),Niky Wardley(Hannah Bennet). Other roles played by the cast.

Writer: Paul Morris

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: October 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019