The Maltese Penguin (#33 1/3rd)

Big Finish - Special Release

An amusing take on The Maltese Falcon, though not a strict interpretation, that’s for sure. But it’s fun to listen to! It’s all commerce, says Josiah W. Dogbolter. Ultimately, that’s the motivation of this villain, though he’s not really a villain, more just a mafioso type. The music going throughout the audio drama adds to the atmosphere. That’s very nice compared to the usual music. Most of the time, I either notice it and it’s annoying or never notice it so I knew it was perfectly done. This music is noticeable but perfect for the genre.

If you liked the movie and you like spoofs, this audio drama is for you! I really love Frobisher the penguin so I just have to recommend it for the fun angle. And I think Robert Jezek and Colin Baker really had a fun time acting this one. They got to play out all of their hard boiled detective fantasies in one audio! How much fun more fun could actors have? Hehehe. And the simplicity of the solution harkens to a very 1984 type of labor force. In with the joke, out with the creativity and colour and all that is good with the world. What a mesomorph, that Francine! As usual, the women are the good plotters and schemers.

And did I mention just how fun the music is?

Frobisher’s Ending Internal Soliloquy: Some philosophers say that on these mean streets of life, friendship is an illusion. Where death lurks around every corner the only man you can trust is yourself. But I say, what the hey? Some philosophers just don’t know how to have fun.

Colin Baker and Robert Jezek

Writer: Robert Shearman

Director: G-Russell

Release: November 2002

Laura Vilensky 2019