Persuasion (#175)

Big Finish Main Range

I’m a bit conflicted with this story as I really enjoy Klein as a character but this story almost makes her a side character. She is questioning the Doctor yet he seems to use the new character, Will Arrowsmith, to do all of the running around. I’m not sure if he’s just there to “learn” field work so they’re throwing him into it or if there’s an ulterior motive of the Doctor. Of course there is – what am I saying?

So Klein and the Doctor (and Will Arrowsmith) are running around trying to figure out why Kurt Schalk is so important to all of these alien races. And for once, it’s not all part of a plot the Doctor is responsible for! I like pieces of the story – Hinterberger “mistaking” Klein for someone else he once knew. The “fate” of the aliens responsible for the Persuasion Machine. They will be another story arc, that much if obvious. But ultimately, not much is accomplished in this story except that we discover what we suspected all along – the Doctor is “collecting” seriously dangerous aliens and containing them so his next regeneration won’t have quite the level of serious monsters to face in the universe. Mostly because this Doctor CAN do it plus the next one won’t be up to his level of shenanigans. Which we already know to be true. So I’m not sure how to approach this story except to say good and I’m anticipating a lot more on the scary side of things for this Doctor and his erstwhile companions.

Sylvester McCoy, Tracey Childs (Elizabeth Klein), Christian Edwards (Will Arrowsmith), Jonathan Forbes (Lukas Hinterberger), David Sibley (Kurt Schalk),Gemma Whelan (Casta/The Sylph/Khlecht)

Writers: Jonathan Barnes

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: July 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019