The King of Sontar (#3.1)

Big Finish, Fourth Doctor Series

The story and acting in this are very good, for the most part. I really enjoyed “the might of STRANG” in this story and how the back story is revealed while the Leela and the Doctor are running around. The ultra-sontaran is a really fantastic creation but he doesn’t actually get to do much here once the Doctor arrives. And I really don’t understand why he doesn’t just kill the Doctor. But I like the adventure and rebellion part of the story – very nicely done there!

Rosato makes a quick turnaround in his motives at the end of this story, which is a bit too convenient. And Leela is following who she is as the Doctor is doing his disapproving thing. His method for dealing with the villains is definitely on the less violent side but somehow he ends up doing violence sometimes anyway. It’s a bit of a contradiction not explored here but it is something that should be explored in the future. And it does seem like Tom Baker sounds just old in this audio, unlike most of the other 4th Doctor audios. I hope he didn’t leave his return until he really is old! That would be a terrible, sad thing to hear as I have really enjoyed these audios so far and plan to listen as long as they produce them.

Tom Baker and Louise Jameson

Writer: John Dorney

Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: January 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019