One Small Step

Big Finish - Short Trips

This story is a little odd. The initial few moments are in the bath with a little boy, who hears someone outside of his door that makes him feel secure. He is a very insecure little boy! Second Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe land on a beach and are relaxing. They go to get ice cream and the Doctor tells a little boy to go tell his mother he’s out. Said little boy then gets hit by a car and killed, which plagues the Doctor and he apparently works to rectify the situation. How it is all cleared up isn’t very clear except we’re led to believe that he does help the little boy somehow. It’s a very self-contained and good story but mostly a lot of the Doctor looking unhappy and doing his usual “fixing” of problems, small or large.

Read by: Nicholas Briggs

Writer: Nicholas Briggs

Release: Jan 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019