The Secret History (#200)

Big Finish Main Range

Ah-HA! So we find out who is manipulating the Doctor’s timelines and getting the Doctor to change his own history. Then the Time Lords will remove him from time and this other person can take his place, and change history. Wow but there’s a description of this person as having blinders on to their own actions and how they aren’t so good in terms of consequences. Excellent, excellent wrap-up to the trilogy! I loved it.

Peter Davison(The Doctor),Maureen O'Brien(Vicki),Peter Purves(Steven),Lysette Anthony(Sophia),Sarah Woodward(Theodora),Tony Millan(Procopius, Yazid),Giles Watling(Belisarius),Tim Wallers(Justinian)

Writer: Eddie Robson

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: June 2015

Laura Vilensky 2019