Project: Nirvana (#7.03)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

This story is told from both the perspective of Captain Aristedes and Private Sally Morgan. They’re heading into a top secret train run by the Forge (Department C4), where they’re after a powerful weapon being transported on it. Things go south and they end up chasing after Durliff in the snow. So things go a bit weird but their mission is a success! But we already knew that from Black and White as they’re alive to meet with Ace and Hex…

Nimrod really plans ahead when he makes his plans! He doesn’t even realize that it’s future Lysandra that accomplishes the goal. It’s a very exciting story, that’s for sure. It is a little odd that a companion chronicle actually has the Doctor in it but it didn’t bother me. There’s lots of running, bullets, crashes, and screaming. We really get to see how Captain Aristedes’s personality is forged and how she became a hard-nosed captain, how her immunity to happiness is put in place. Interesting observations – she’s now working for a new commander, just as devious as Nimrod. I think this would’ve been a better introduction to Lysandra and Sally as a team, though it would be complicated by the lack of Ace and Hex… Not as impressive as I expected, though I still liked it a lot.

Sylvester McCoy, Maggie O’Neill (Captain Lysandra Aristedes), and Amy Pemberton (Private Sally Morgan)

Writer: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: September 2012

Laura Vilensky 2019