Forever Fallen (6.x)

Big Finish - Short Trips

From the start I was entranced by the setting and the storyline. A space station with a robot army, ready to take over the world and turn them all into cooperative drones without minds of their own? One way to make sure peace happens, I suppose. And though it’s a bit of a tug on ye olde heartstrings it does it in a way you don’t suspect, ultimately. 10 years of the Doctor, and sometimes Ace, visiting with Shaun Calvin, a bonified genius, in a tea shop, The Uncertain-Tea Principle. Quaint, eh? Hehehe. Odessa, his daughter, makes an appearance and it’s not an overload of cute, thankfully. It’s just a great story overall and I hope that Josh gets a chance to write for Big Finish again!

Narrator: Nicholas Briggs

Writer: Joshua Wanisko

Director:Neil Gardner

Release: December 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019