Defector (9.1)

Big Finish Blake’s 7 Liberator Chronicles IX

It’s the Del and Del team, on a mission to ‘assassinate’ a prime double-agent in the high echelons of the Federation. So they sneak onto a planet during a peace conference, go through a whole bunch of moments up to the actual assassination, pull out the gun and … Well, that’s where it all gets a bit crazy. Someone else assassinates the target and they take the fall! The story opens with their deaths before a firing squad yet doesn’t quite end that way.

This is a classic Blake’s 7 story but a bit jarring as none of the main characters I’m used to hearing are in this one. The two Del’s do a great job in their parts but Tarrant seems to idealistic one while Grant the suspicious type, which means he should get along with Avon famously. The ending right along with the story and not quite predictable. However, I just couldn’t’ get into it without the usual cast telling the story. And they describe Avon as cold yet I don’t quite see him as that. Perhaps it’s all of the stories with him and his past with Anna that make a difference but he’s not cold. Brutal and capable of doing what’s necessary but we wouldn’t make him the hero if he was just a cold, inhuman character. Or antihero, take your pick. I rather like Avon, despite him being a character I would never get along with in real life. But perhaps that’s the point.

Steven Pacey, Tom Chadbon

Writer: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Director: Ken Bentley and Lisa Bowerman

Release: August 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019