Frostfire (#1.1)

Big Finish, Companion Chronicles

This story begins with Vicky visiting someone in the dungeons of Troy, as she is now Cressida and living happily with her husband Troylis and their children. She has had a scribe write down an adventure of hers with the Doctor and she has come to read it to the personage there. So she begins and we discover she was in London with Stephen and the Doctor. The river Thames is frozen and the last Frost Fair is going on. They fall in with a husband and wife, wandering the fair until they find a frost egg. Then things get weird and the action truly begins.

Something cold this way comes and it's a frozen phoenix! This story is quite good, though it's a bit of a coincidence that they meet Jane Austin but she has a few good moments in the story. And she makes an excellent companion for Vicky! The writing is good, the plot is fun, and the conclusion excellent. So despite this being a very early companion chronicle, it's a good showing for what the future held for them. With the circle of existence well present in the story. I like the ending especially - very clever.

Maureen O'Brien(Vicki),Keith Drinkel(The Cinder)

Writers: Mark Platt

Director: Mark J Thompson

Release: January 2007

Laura Vilensky 2019