The Church and the Crown (#38)

    Big Finish Main Range

This is an interesting way to explain a historical occurrence when the Doctor shows up.  The companions get their own storylines where they do what they do best!  It almost borders on cliché as Peri goes off to escape and rescue.  Erimem, as we already know that she’s a leader, fights in the battle and helps to get the troops united.  Nicola Bryant gets to play TWO parts, too!  Ha ha!  She does a magnificent job.  Her American accent is very odd sometimes, to an Americanized ear, so it’s interesting to hear her try her hand at a French accent as I believe she’s Australian.  And the Doctor does what he does best—rescue everyone in the end!

I really like these historical stories sometimes.  There are a few, like Medicinal Purposes, that just don’t add up or make sense in general but mostly, the writers take an event in English history and place the Doctor (with or without companions) in it quite successfully.  This one is definitely an excellent example!  There is some joking around, some tongue in cheek moments where the Duke of Buckingham is torturing the Doctor and afterwards, there are classic moments of the Doctor acting like he isn’t as capable as he really is, and just mayhem and fun.  All the things that make for a really FUN audio drama that I won’t ruin by quoting it too much.  It’s just too good for that!  Really.  Enjoy this one again and again.  I have definitely learned a lot more about the history of Europe from Dr. Who than I ever learned in school, sadly.  But it’s definitely a fun way to go about it!

Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, and Caroline Morris

Writers: Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Director: G-Russell

Release: November 2002

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