The Haunting of Thomas Brewster (#107)

Big Finish Main Range

There sure are a lot of different character voices in this story! Usually there are about 5 or so people in a cast but this time, there is a rather large amount of characters. The music is extremely cheesy, too—very 80s. I know it’s supposed to be spooky but the first chapter, not so much. Thomas’s childhood as an orphan and scavenger. With the woman who might or might no be his mother haunting him, as well as this mysterious blue box…

Well, what an ending! Bring on the tears and then… doh! Slightly not believable but this was a fun episode. It’s a borderline 3 jelloid adventure but the cheesy music and perspective of telling most of the story from the perspective of Thomas Brewster. It was a good balance of having the Doctor and Nyssa involved as well as Brewster, as he likes to be called. I don’t want to reveal too much but I think this is one can be listened to multiple times and I’ll enjoy it more each time.

There is a certain danger aspect of this story but not really to the Doctor or Nyssa, ultimately, but more of the humanity as a whole danger. The acting and directing is wonderful but the sound effects and music, though they fit with this story, are a bit below the normal excellent standards of Big Finish. Very good but not excellent. And one of those stories that drives me a little batty as supposedly, only the Doctor can "drive" the TARDIS because of his DNA link with her. I wish they'd make up their minds on that one!

Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton

Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: April 2008

Laura Vilensky 2019