Picture This (12.1)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

This story has the dynamic duo runs into the proprietor of the Scarlet Gallery, where the paintings move and watch the admirer. The first of the murders that run through these stories occurs here – the curator of the museum is drained of blood by a vampire, while a rather ordinary painting is stolen.

In their investigations, Litefoot runs afoul of Mr Kindred, the proprietor, and “dies,” much like Sir James Royston, a supporter and member of the Scarlet Gallery. So Jago and Quick to the rescue! They solve the mystery and free all of the prisoners, with some interaction with Ellie. But then we discover the true purpose of Ellie in this story…

The stories in this set are all of the same caliber – fantastic! And rather ingenious. This box set is very, very good. It only takes second place to J&L in the 60’s, which I absolutely adored. This is a perfect intro to this set.

Christopher Benjamin (Henry Gordon Jago), Trevor Baxter (Professor George Litefoot), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie Higson), Conrad Asquith (Inspector Quick), Ronald Pickup (The Old One), Forbes Masson (Kindred), Ronan Vibert (Mr Ravener), Robbie Stevens (Melchester), David John (Sir James Royston/Pete Stepney), Nigel Whitmey (Robert W Paul/Hardwick), David John (Sir James Royston), Jacqueline King (Old Ma Hambley/Miss Broodie), Charlie Hayes (Nellie/Lucilla Fredericks), Niky Wardley (Hannah Bennet). Other roles played by the cast.

Writer: Justin Richards

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: October 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019