Loups-Garoux (#20)

Big Finish Main Range

Werewolves and Herr Pieter Stubbe, the first werewolf that existed before there were creatures upon the earth. Ooooo. I want to hear this history of the Earth! That would definitely be more exciting than the ones they tell in school. But this tale of werewolves and

There are things that contradict themselves quite a bit in this audio. On the train Ilyana tells the Doctor not to order her to do things yet he hasn’t! He asked her, please, to stop the train to get Turlough. The Doctor knows that the werewolves won’t take kindly to Hayashi trying to cure Victor of being a werewolf but he still tells them at the meeting. So Hayashi’s death is on his hands, technically. Tries to stop them yet does the very thing to make them notice Hayashi and hunt him down.

The werewolves scare Turlough into thinking his shadow contains a wolf so he runs to the Doctor. Then instead of listening to the Doctor, he jumps off the train. Each of these actions is a chain in the events that lead to the story unfolding yet the reasons for all of them seem flimsy at best. The pieces just don’t add up, taken out of context.

Ileana respects the Doctor and he respects her but somehow they kinda fall in love? Or at least she falls for him, causing all sorts of problems at the end of the tale. I think this is pointing to those with the age being the powerful ones but it’s never quite made clear. So we’re never sure why Ileana is the leader or why other werewolves are “sniffing around her.” Other than the obvious analogy to wolf packs but I have to assume that since there’s no real indication in the story.

And why does Stubbe want Victor? He doesn’t, he wants Ileana. Why does she assume he’s after her son? Anton Lichtfuss wants the Doctor to leave so he has a clear way through to Ileana as a mate yet when the Doctor tries to leave in the aircar, he prevents the Doctor from leaving. Oiy. Or is that the way of werewolves? To contradict everything? And Turlough’s so self-centered—assumes that the wolf Rosa’s after is him. I still think it’s still a good tale overall. But the pieces just don’t add up.

Peter Davison and Mark Strickson

Writer: Marc Platt

Director: Nicholas Pegg

Release: May 2001

Laura Vilensky 2019