Faith Stealer (#61)

Big Finish Main Range

“Bloody Tourists.” Hehehe. Some ribbing there. Join the Tourists! C’rizz is their god! Oh my, how amusing. Cults don’t exist? Of course they do and they’re coming to get the Doctor, as usual. And his companions, especially the vulnerable one that’s certainly been made more vulnerable by the Kro’Ka.

The patron saint of happy accidents, Whoops! Hehehe. There are some fun religions thrown in here. And Miraculite, hmmm. Is the TARDIS involved? Big large box on the inside. It’s all an illusion. I think that this story is generally very good but it all comes down to the ending. It’s not a huge disappointment but it really amazes me that in a new universe, the Dr. STILL knows all the answers. He names his enemy and in the same moment, destroys Miraculite by destroying Laan Carder. By making him not exist? Okay, sure. A bit odd and it’s something where he’s easily convinced to dissipate, too. The take-over is almost like a successful Crusade, in the Christian sense of the word. All other religions gone and only one remains. A bit unrealistic in the modern age—if only the extremists would realize that!

Anyway, the concept is very cool—a place where 47 different major religions are co-existing, though they worship odd things. Handy things. Hehehe. It’s definitely a fun concept but with the take-over by the Lucidians is a bit over the top. But introduce the random element of the Doctor, Charley, and C’rizz and things happen. All part of the plan, I think. The Kro’Ka is using his initiative to cause chaos in the zones, leading the Doctor from zone to zone. Is this to oppose his masters or to be subtle and undermine them? We’ll soon find out. If I remember correctly…

Paul McGann, India Fisher, and Conrad Westmaas

Writer: Graham Duff

Director: G-Russell

Release: October 2004

Laura Vilensky 2019