The Night of 1000 Stars (#7.2)

Big Finish Jago and Litefoot Series

And the adventure continues! The device of this story is Jago “presenting” each person as an act in a show, to keep him happily in his element. Ellie and Litefoot arrive at the lodgings of Jago and Litefoot then struggle to keep the door shut against a rather large monster outside who was chasing them. Leela is there with Jago and explains she’s hunting just this creature, called Remorse. She has a picture that has different people show up in it that each person has remorse for their deaths. Each of the four tell a story of their past, something they are remorseful for. And eventually they really begin to “drown” in that remorse, waiting for the monster outside to suck their souls dry.

Until, that is, Mr. Jago figures it out. With this story I gain a little respect for the antics and theatrical impresario that he is. He sees through the tangled web of emotions and regrets that Remorse has brought them to and manages to show them all the way out. No spoiling it, just a newfound impression of Jago not being useless. ;) He isn’t but sometimes the way he tangles up his words makes it a struggle for me to appreciate him. But Litefoot would just be a smart, well-to-do chap and not an investigator without Jago and he proves his usefulness in this story at the very least.

Christopher Benjamin (HGJ), Trevor Baxter (Prof George Litefoot), Lisa Bowerman (Ellie), Louise Jameson (Leela)

Writer: James Goss

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: April 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019