Army of Death (#155)

Big Finish Main Range

Though I do like what Mary and the Doctor accomplish separately, I am a bit mystified by some things in the story. Why do they trust the Doctor implicitly as the McGann Doctor seems to have the least amount of luck getting people to trust him? How could bones rule the universe? And I’m not sure what is so different about the Doctor’s relationship with Mary but it seems a bit like hero worship – he’s got a writer he likes and respects in the TARDIS. So he’s trying to show her things to make her want to stay around and he isn’t his usual “pitch in and solve problems” self. He’s trying to impress Mary instead and it’s weird to listen to.

The McGann Doctor is very dependent upon his companions with his personality – he adapts to the person he’s with. So far we’ve seen Charley, C’Rizz, Lucie, and Mary. He’s been a bit different with each of them, adapting to their main personality traits, matching his own to theirs. He really doesn’t want to be alone, does he? That said, this audio is a fun listen but a strange one as well. Will Mary stay or not? The big question is not answered in this audio, however.

Paul McGann and Julie Cox

Writer: Jason Arnopp

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Released: December 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019