Gardens of the Dead (6.01)

Big Finish - Short Trips Season 6

The best thing about this story is Turlough’s descriptions of the hold the Black Guardian has over him – how painful and difficult it was. That was fantastic but the rest of the story is just ho-hum. The TARDIS crew – the 5th Doctor, Turlough, Tegan, and Nyssa – lands on a planet where dust takes the form of people’s loved ones who are dead. But then something goes wrong, of course. And Turlough has to save the day, though he’s ordered not to but he has to in order to preserve his cover. Which is how it worked on the show but it never made much sense to me. So that part is very convoluted and Nyssa is so very child-like in this, which is not how I remember her either. So it’s just a bit strange and doesn’t quite work for me overall.

Mark Strickson (narrator)

Writer: Jenny T Colgan

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: January 2016

Laura Vilensky 2019