The Girl Who Never Was (#103)

Big Finish Main Range

Oh dear. That was a crazy ending then. Think you’re safe then wham, betrayed by greed yet again. Human greed kills more people in the Doctor’s adventures than you’d ever think possible! Byron’s quite the guy! The misdirection with Miss Pollard is amazing. There’s a coda I almost didn’t get but make sure to listen directly to the end! However will it all end? Whoa. I didn’t expect it would end like all of THAT. What Doctor might she end up with? Is she dead? Two endings to beat the one. How amazing is that!? Give India Fisher a respite until they have need of her again as a companion.

Wow. I actually really liked this one. This is definitely the best Alan Barnes audio out there—he also wrote Storm Warning, Neverland, and The Next Life (along with Gary Russell). The one thing I really don’t like is that Charley is willing to push away the Doctor and they return to their normal pattern, escape plan 5, about 10 minutes in to the adventure. But other than that, it does get a little confusing as they’re in 3 or more time periods on the ship—1942, 2008, 5002. I think those are it but I’m not sure. I was tense and the reveal of who is Charley Pollard came just shortly after I realized it. I don’t want to give it away yet I may have already. Grrr. Things get twisted around and around and around as the ending doesn’t meet up with the beginning and who knows what’s going on anymore! It’s really quite a well-written and acted adventure!

Manhattan Project meets Titanic? Nice one Barnaby Edwards! The follow-up, behind the scenes is at least passable, though there’s still a lot of “Dr. Who is wonderful” and “Brought up on Dr. Who” stories. Otherwise it’s nicely done.

Paul McGann and India Fisher

Writer: Alan Barnes

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: December 2007

Laura Vilensky 2019