Her Final Flight

Big Finish - Special Release

Someone is determined to kill the Doctor, who is revealed in 2005, I’m sure (I don’t recall who this particular bad guy was). He lands on an unnamed, desolate planet, forced down by Rashaa, given the task to kill him. She shoots the Doctor, implants a device in him allowing her to control his mental landscape, then proceeds to put him through a scenario with Peri in a village where the TARDIS is worshipped as a gift from the goddess Sohile on Refiloe. Presumably this is the past for this planet. Ultimately the Doctor manages to overcome the implant then deceive Rashaa and escape.

Why Rashaa is out of the time capsule when the Doctor returns to consciousness is a bit mystifying. Especially since the planet has a toxic atmosphere. The story is good but a bit bland, despite there being two realities for the Doctor to adventure in at the same time. And it’s a bit mystifying how she’s controlling his mental landscape yet he is physically able to do things like jettison the TARDIS interior and run a medical scan on himself while it’s all an illusion. Very strange some of it and inexplicable. But enjoyable.

Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Heather Tracy (Rashaa)

Writer: Julian Shortman

Director: Gary Russell

Release: December 2004

Laura Vilensky 2019