Enemy of the Daleks (#121)

Big Finish Main Range

This audio adventure accomplished something I never thought possible, empathy for the Daleks! This is a well-written first Big Finish audio from David Bishop. The only complaint I have is how Hex handles the battlefield moments. He saw worse in The Settling with Oliver Cromwell on the rampage and No Man’s Land with a World War I battle scenario. Did he really see that many people die in the infirmary on planet Bliss. The irony of the name is given an even bigger twist as things progress, too.

So the story is good and exciting then as it comes to the final chapters in the story, it turns a corner into an emotional terrain I was only partially prepared for. Once again the Doctor saves the day but at what cost? This story could almost be a 5th Doctor storyline but it makes it more poignant since it’s the 7th Doctor instead. He’s trying to find his role in this piece of history, then resists it all the way, trying to find another way out.

There is one character who doesn’t seem clued into the concept of consequences – the scientist, as usual. Professor Toshio Shimura is brilliant, of course, but not very long-sighted when it comes to the reality of his scientific work. He’s willing to give everything (and he does!) to the Kiseibya (Savior) he creates to save humanity from the Daleks but never really considers the consequences his actions might have, ultimately. It’s the one big failing of the story but a necessary one. The stereotypical scientist who causes the problem without concern for others. But it’s not enough of a distraction – just gives the Doctor a reason to get preachy for awhile, which he does enjoy so much. Excellent storyline despite this “standard” character in the story!

Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Philip Olivier

Writer: David Bishop

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: May 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019