The Lights of Skaro (1.4)

Big Finish Bernice Summerfield Box Set

This story is the weakest of the bunch, though Benny and Klinus’s discussion is a very touching, difficult conversation. The ghosts of Daleks are wandering the halls of the city and Benny and Ace are outrunning them. And then the whole reason for all of this is revealed and it’s all Ace’s fault, ultimately. Though the Daleks are still the Doctor’s “fault.” It’s pretty crazy and contractive, in a way. And the presence of Davros is a bit confusing as well – why is he there? It’s a lot of thunder with nothing behind it – no lightening. And I love that Ace is left behind and sort of learns her lesson but we don’t know.

And Benny is just smarter and more experienced to Ace, despite her time on Gallifrey. She is the only companion that the Doctor is attempting to bring into the Time Lord fold, as it were. (and no, Leela doesn’t count as she’s there with Romana) And it’s turning out both good and bad. Ace sure is getting a lot of experiences but what’s the point? It doesn’t seem to make her think first, if that’s what he’s hoping for. It’s just an odd aspect of their relationship. More meddling perhaps?

Lisa Bowerman, Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, Nicholas Briggs, Terry Malloy (Davros), Colin MacFarlane (Foster), Amber Revah (Varna), Matthew Gravelle (Klinus)

Writers: James Goss

Director: Scott Handcock

Release: June 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019