Real Time

Big Finish - Special Release

The story begins with the Doctor and two others breaking into a Cyberman complex and sending him back to the past or future using Cybertechnology. But where or when he arrives is impossible to say as the story then moves to the TARDIS and the planet Chronos, where Evelyn and the Doctor have been called in to help with mysterious circumstances and the Cybermen. There’s a team of people there, led by Professor Osborn (Nicholas Briggs in disguise as I didn’t even recognize his voice) and they find a portal to another time where the Cybermen reside, converting people to Cybermen of some sort.

Ultimately this story comes down to Goddard and a virus he’s brought back from Earth in the past. A virus that converted humans on Earth to Cybermen in the early 20th Century. Where the Doctor lands with the infected Evelyn after their experiences on Chronos. And there the story ends! But what happened to the Doctor who was transported at the beginning of the story? Does the Doctor manage to thwart the plans of the Cyberleader from Chronos? From listening to Big Finish, Evelyn dies far away from this storyline so this can’t be her end, can it? It’s difficult to tell if something in one story could rewrite the entire history of a companion or the Doctor…. But leaving us hanging seems a bit cruel. The interview with Colin Baker is one of his more candid on all the CDs I’ve heard – quite nice things he says about Big Finish and that was over 10 years ago!

Colin Baker, Maggie Stables, Nicholas Briggs, Yee Jee Tso (Dr. Reece Goddard) (produced by Big Finish for BBCi – webcast released as a CD)

Writer/Director: Gary Russell

Release: December 2002

Laura Vilensky 2019