The Widow’s Assassin (#192)

Big Finish Main Range

This story takes place after King Yrcanos whisks Peri away to be married after he saves her. So the Doctor shows up and immediately gets in trouble for not rescuing Peri. But oddly, he is thrown in the dungeon and he just stays for 5 years. This all does seem a bit strange and honestly, this story isn’t the standard 6th Doctor story. It’s on the razor’s edge of being funny as people say very funny things but then, it doesn’t quite reach there and gets quite serious. Part I (episodes 1&2) is all the behind the scenes work that the Doctor does, which is revealed in Part II (episodes 3&4). It’s almost a 7th Doctor story with all of the work he’s doing “behind the scenes” but it isn’t quite as much for the scheming thing. Too lighthearted for the 7th Doctor.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story as I found it off-kilter from a “standard” story and mesmerizing. I had to know how it ended up and how things would resolve. And Peri and the Doctor do a great job of imitating each other’s mannerisms, that’s for sure. The reveal about Flip’s fate is rather casual and off-hand, and took me off guard! Another crazy winner by Nev Fountain! Breaking the mold and looking good doing it.

Colin Baker(The Doctor),Nicola Bryant(Peri),Tim Chipping(Constable Wolsey/Mandrake),John Banks(Baron Pteratrark/Guard Two),Andrew Dickens(Reverand Flitamus/Guard One),FIona Sheehan(Princess Dirani),Glynn Sweet(Harcross The Ever-Patient/Pheen-Tu/Flunkey)

Writer: Nev Fountain

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: October 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019