Cobwebs (#136)

Big Finish Main Range

I realize that this takes us back to after Enlightenment, a very 80s Doctor Who era naturally, but it was a bit of a jolt to hear edgy, feisty Tegan back at the Doctor in all her ranting glory. This story is supposed to take place directly after Enlightenment, when Turlough rejects the Black Guardian’s offer and is free. He’s supposed to be going home and of course they get waylaid. The story’s a bit mysterious in tone and strange things are happening. Edgar the computer is like Hal with though projection capabilities and Nyssa is an older, wiser woman when they reunite.

But some things never change! Tegan is pushy, Nyssa is scientific, and Turlough just wants to get out alive. Tegan is prominently featured in this story, for the fans, I believe. But eh, I was never a big Tegan fan. I did like her more mature character in The Gathering from 2006 but that obviously isn’t a storyline that can continue. Unfortunately, I cannot see her mellowing in her travels with the Doctor, unlike Colin Baker’s Doctor who has become condescending and high-minded but always has a companion to bring him down to earth – love that Doctor!

This story moves from the mysterious to the scientists doing the work in the past. And that’s where the story breaks down a bit for me. The scientists have had their memories wiped and when they get them back, there’s conspiracy and irresponsible scientists galore. And wouldn’t anyone have looked at the memories recorded or checked out the attached messages? There are only THREE PEOPLE. It’s a little odd how things fall out, that’s for sure. The Company sure isn’t as observant as The Company in the Alien movies! It was a very good story overall but a bit dated, as was expected. I just haven’t really loved any of the 80s stories as well (see The Lost Adventures reviews, season 1).

Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton, and Mark Strickson

Writer: Jonathan Morris

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: July 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019