The Seeds of War (#171)

Big Finish Main Range

I really enjoyed how much this story moved around – there was a new location for each of the four episodes. It really works well for the 6th Doctor and the way he twitches. ;) I really enjoyed this story and I feel like I could listen to it multiple times and get different things out of it. I did question how little the military types question Mel and The Doctor about their story. They DO question them and doubt the answers but perhaps in the narrow view of possibilities, they never consider the idea that they come from another time and place. That is the only glaring shortcoming to me but when it comes to the Doctor, chaos usually keeps people from asking too many questions.

I am not sure how the Eminance and The Great Intelligence are different, to be honest. I’m looking forward to part I of this sequel that doesn’t exist anymore – they mention this in the interviews at the end. The interviews are very good as well, which leaves a good impression. They’re not just everyone involved saying how much they enjoyed the process and how wonderful they all were, which is a good indicator of not having a good story in my mind. This one is just good all around, earning it the coveted 5 jelloid rating! Matt Fitton should write more stories presented by Nicholas Briggs as it turned out a treat.

Colin Baker and Bonnie Langford

Writers: Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs

Director: Barnaby Edwards

Release: March 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019