Incentive (6.1)

Big Finish Blake’s 7 Series

This is a classic story of the Liberator crew – running around, trying to find something, working on defeating the Federation. With a backup plan to get them out of the situation, naturally. Avon and Tarrant are on a planet looking for Jenna and Blake. They have been laid a trap by a “freelance” administrator, Bracheeni. He wants to give the crew of the Liberator to Servilan but she isn’t actually interested in the crew but the ship itself, which Avon eventually points out.

However this relatively low level thug/administrator is no match for the foresight of Avon and the crew, even with his truth telling shocking device. He’s doomed from the start, which is in doubt occasionally as he’s pretty smarmy in his overconfidence. Overall this is good but i just didn’t like the villain of the piece. He makes Avon look like a saint, which isn’t easy to do. But comes off as a two bit hoodlum in a gangster movie.

Paul Darrow (Avon), Stephen Pacey (Tarrant), Adrian Lukis (Bracheeni)

Writer: Peter Anghelides

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: October 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019