Big Finish Special Release

The Doctor and Peri land in Constantinople to do some sightseeing and instead end up going on a rescue mission brought on by the SOS messages heard by Mephistus, a local seer who has given up everything for the voices he hears. I like the premise of an SOS message from a far future space ship linking directly into the man’s mind, making him half mad. Naturally the Doctor happens to wander across him, as usual, and Peri has to put up with his mania after the voices stop. Because of course the Doctor goes off and saves the people on the space ship!

The thing I don’t understand is where the Doctor takes the crew of the Methuselah. He tells Peri it’s the experimental hyperdrive spaceship created by humans and there were funerals for the crew as they were all assumed dead. Well, if he has to keep that continuity, where can he drop them off? 10 years later after everything’s died down? Other than the small details there, I really enjoyed this story. Glad I could get the audio version – subscribers get more at Big Finish! AWESOME.

From Short Trips: Transmissions.

Read By: John Banks (Peri and the 5thDoctor)

Writer: George Mann

Release: January 2014

Laura Vilensky 2019