Recorded Time and Other Stories (#150)

Big Finish Main Range

Recorded Time by Catherine Harvey

This is an odd little story where Henry the VIII is bent on ruling the world, or at least living forever. It’s got some good characters in Anne Boleyn and the Scrivener but Henry seems a bit of a power-mad sniveler, which isn’t the impression I have from history. But I wasn’t there so who am I to tell? Just isn’t what I expected to hear from one of the most famous kings of England. It’s an interesting concept but I just didn’t like it all that well.

Paradoxicide by Richard Dinnick

I like the concept here more than the way things unfold. Put out the story of an armory with super weapons that attracts the attention of a race of women who want that power to trap them in the paradox they created through their own greed for the weapons. I like how Peri fits in and can get things done as the “superior species” over the Doctor but once again, I don’t like the overall story. It’s not bad—a 3 jelliod tale for sure. But It’s not amazing or intriguing other than in the concept. These short stories just aren’t as effective as some of the other short story audios BF has done previously – 100, Forty Five, and The Company of Friends.

A Most Excellent Match by Matt Fitton

This is a marvel for fans of Jane Austin but unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I’ve never read Jane Austin which is, admittedly, a failing in my education or interest. I’m sure her work is great but it’s not something I’ve sought out in my life. Someday, perhaps, but not yet. So this story didn’t resonate with me. Interesting way to get a mind only character into a plot with the MindSmith but it just didn’t work for me. Again, great concept but I just wasn’t interested in how it worked out.

Question Marks by Philip Lawrence

By far the best story of the four, this tale follows characters on a ship, including Peri and the Doctor, who’ve lost their memory. And they are in a dire situation and suddenly, they disappear. What in the world is going on? Is the Doctor in real danger here? Is Peri? I could almost feel the fear as the characters are being overwhelmed by the lava and the ship’s as it falls apart. Very good story and well acted, keeping me in suspense until the last few minutes, where all is revealed.

Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant

Writers: Catherine Harvey, Richard Dinnick, Matt Fitton, Philip Lawrence

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: August 2011

Laura Vilensky 2019