A Thousand Tiny Wings (#130)

Big Finish Main Range

This was a really fun audio, though tense as well. There is a stressful situation with the Mau Mau rising in 1950s Kenya and there’s a mysterious killer on the loose. The reveal of the ultimate, mystery killer is done extremely well, which is how Daleks should always be revealed! A few glimpses of the bad guy, the sounds, the results, and towards the end a reveal! Obviously a late story reveal wouldn’t work for Daleks but perhaps not putting their name in the title would be a step in the right direction!

The most disappointing thing about the whole audio is the actual resolution, how the bad guys are defeated. The introduction of Elizabeth Klein is done very well and her relationship with the Doctor is complex. And the writing doesn’t just avoid it but takes it head on, with them making innuendos at each other. Abraham’s ultimate resolution to the story is a bit unbelievable but perhaps it’s because the Doctor isn’t actively participating in defeating the bad guys. He’s a part of it but not the one responsible, ultimately.

I am looking forward to the next Klein installment quite happily! Here’s hoping they keep the antagonistic and strange relationship between the Doctor and Klein at the forefront instead of forgetting about it, like they did with Mila/Charley and the 6th Doctor. That was a major disappointment, I have to admit. And hopefully the Three Companions story is coming to an end soon. When the Brigadier and Polly were telling their stories, it was fascinating. But throw in a Brewster of the Thomas set and the story is grinding along now. It’s the middle of the action and the Coffin Loader is around and the Brigadier’s heading off with a hunter but so what? What’s really going on? And why is this Lentz/Lutz/whatever character even bothering, other than to make money? The last two stories have really started to drag so I’m hoping that things pick up and race towards a conclusion very soon.

Sylvester McCoy and Tracy Childs

Writer: Andy Lane

Director: Lisa Bowerman

Release: January 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019