Nocturne (#92)

Big Finish Main Range

(major spoilers in this one so be forewarned!)

Nothing to see here. Move along, move along. I found this audio pleasant and interesting but not spectacular. I could just “see” the layout of the plot part way into episode 2—companion taken by police, Dr. gets them released, Dr. solves problem. I’d like, just once, for the Doctor to be inextricably put in jail. No way for him to get out but an escape and no cooperation from the cops! Kinda had that in Colditz but different situation completely there.

I like the idea of an artistic colony but it’s done better in Dust Breeding, though this monster’s more like the one in Whispers of Terror. All audio-based and it all just seems to go easily. I never felt like our heroes were in danger. And Hex is either getting used to being jailed or he just takes it a bit too easily. Doesn’t argue much. And Ace is doing the “girl” part of getting close to one of the guys at the colony, allowing her to be upset when he dies. It seems her part was written for Nyssa more like. Could be, actually, as Ace is made of a lot sterner stuff than Nyssa. Not that Nyssa’s not a tough cookie but she’s more delicate and girlie than Ace, that’s for sure.

So this audio’s good but not spectacular. It seems to be more about the guest stars and though it’s nice of the Doctor to take Ace and Hex someplace he likes to visit. Though they do further the whole Doctor – companion interaction, with him admitting to not telling them much or enough, like ever. That was nice. But I think they all knew that! Just not an exciting new audio, though I think the interviews along with it are plenty interesting. I hope they do more of the interviewing of actors involved with the audios and include more BF Magazines. It does make me think that the audio wasn’t nearly long enough so they padded it with interviews and four ads for other audios. Oiy.

Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred, and Philip Olivier

Writer: Dan Abnett

Director: John Ainsworth

Release: February 2007

Laura Vilensky 2019