Risk Management (5.2)

Big Finish Special Release

It actually took me until almost the end of the audio to figure out how the title actually related to the story. And it’s not ironic, either. It definitely describes Blake’s method of planning not just in this story, too. This is an interesting tale which almost takes place separate from the Federation, though you realize that somehow the Federation is manipulating things in this story.

Jena and Blake teleport to XK-17 after “rescuing” a ship from the attack of a pirate. It turns out that the people on the ship are heading to the space station XK-17 for a sale of jewels that will save their planet. They had recently revolted against the Federation and were selling the jewels to buy food and other necessities for the population of the planet. So Blake is there as security and to make sure things run smoothly. So of course they don’t! Things get more complicated from there but ultimately, Blake has his own devious plans to make sure things run smoothly.

I enjoyed the story overall but it wasn’t as spectacular as the Blake’s 7 stories have been. It’s more subtle in tone and action. I was expecting more Federation interference and for things to get crazier than they did. I still enjoyed the story, I just wasn’t as stressed out as I was at the end of the first story of this trilogy, which is still the best so far.

Gareth Thomas and Sally Knyvette

Writer: Una McCormack

Director: Ken Bentley or Lisa Bowerman

Release: August 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019