Big Finish Classic B7 Release

This is a very long story and all of the parts dealing with Avon are amazing. Though the parts that don’t involve him are needed for exposition but they’re not nearly so engaging, ultimately. This takes place 20 years after the downfall of the Federation and Kerr Avon is the only remaining member of Blake’s 7 still alive. As is Servilan, apparently.

There is a new regime trying to take over the universe with 4 main power brokers involved. Avon is not involved with these power brokers as he has other goals in mind, mostly involving getting off of the planet he’s been sitting on and reuniting with Orac. It takes the entire story for him to succeed with lots of sidebars in between, including his story from the end of Blake’s story to the beginning of this one. At first I was interested in the other stories until we got to Avon’s story. Then I just didn’t care anymore about the machinations or concerns of the other stories anymore. Well worth the time to listen and money to buy it!

Written and Read by: Paul Darrow

Release: May 2013

Laura Vilensky 2019