Patient Zero (#124)

Big Finish Main Range

This was a tricky one to rate. I really like the characters, the effects, the music, pretty much everything but the storyline. I think this has to be a set up for a future episode with a Charley confrontation in hand but I just couldn’t really handle the twists the storyline took. I like Charley, dang it! This is just freaky weird. I don’t resent what happened to her but at the same time, I don’t like it. I want there to be a real resolution. This doesn’t cut it for me! I respect it but don’t love it.

So it was really difficult to rate this audio. I tried to listen to it again and though I like the story, I just couldn’t be enthusiastic about it. I can only hope that I would re-rate it after the “real” resolution that should someday happen. I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen! But Big Finish is into resolving dangling storylines (for the most part), it should happen. Crossing my fingers!

This story is one you’ll either love to hate or hate to love. I can’t say too much without giving the major story plot away. So I won’t and since I can’t say too much, I’ll just say… listen!

Colin Baker and India Fisher

Writer/Director: Nicholas Briggs

Release: August 2009

Laura Vilensky 2019