The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories (#142)

Big Finish Main Range

The Demons of Red Lodge

Wow. I really like how we’re just dropped in to the middle of this story, where fear is a potent weapon used by the aliens against the Doctor and Nyssa. If I was sitting in the dark listening to this story I’d be creeped out immediately! But I was listening at my daesk at work so a bit freaked but nothing serious. I also like that Nyssa figures out the way to defeat the monster. Good stuff! (4 out of 5 jelloids)

The Entropy Composition

This is the weakest story in the group but that really says a lot for the quality of these stories! There is a sound monster, which is an understandable and useful villain for audio plays, and this one’s violent and evil, out to destroy the universe. The worst part was the solution as yeah, it should be easy enough to kill a sound monster using sound against them, no? Or maybe not. (3 out of 5 jelloids)

Doing Time

I really was wondering how the Doctor would take down the evil prison governor as she is constantly putting him in solitary confinement. She’s really the star of this story, that’s for sure. And Susan Kyd did a fabulous job with the tyrant! So there’s a lot of Nyssa and the Doctor being apart, doing stuff but not really to break him out of jail. That part was odd, I thought, but the story isn’t really about the Doctor’s incarceration but the governor of the jail. (4 out of 5 jelloids)

Special Features

This is the most fascinating setup of the stories as it’s a DVD commentary track being recorded for a B movie, years after it was made. It’s a fascinating listen as at first, it’s not clear why the Doctor is there for the recording. He isn’t saying much and nothing appears to be going on. Though there were these mysterious deaths and talk of a curse but nothing specific until… No need to spoil it for you as this is one hum-dinger of an ending! It’s a sound monster yet not. Good stuff! (5 out of 5 jelloids)

Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton

Writer: Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher, John Dorney

Director: Ken Bentley

Release: December 2010

Laura Vilensky 2019